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Which colour is the best for your aluminium patio ?

In order to convert an outside space into a living space, the first thing you need to do is order a patio. Indeed, not only a patio would protect you from the sun and bad weather, but also it can match your style. So, if you are looking for an arbour for your garden, this article is for you !

Why would you choose an aluminium patio ?

Why would you choose an aluminium patio instead of a PVC one ? First of all, you need to know that every material has its pros and cons. However, aluminium patios tend to have a lot of pros. For example, they are waterproof, which is a major advantage.

Without being exhaustive, there is a list of aluminium patios advantages:

  • They are more resistant than others
  • They won’t rust or rot and are resistant to bad weather
  • The aluminium structure will not appeal to parasites and insects
  • The patio and the arbour necessitate little maintenance
  • They are available in many different colours and styles
  • They protect you from the sun
  • As aluminium is recyclable, they are sustainable and so better for the planet
  • It is possible to put an arbour that will tap the sun’s energy

If you are interested in buying an aluminium patio, we invite you to look at the McMel website. They can make your dream patio, exactly the way you want it. They are professional and efficient !

Choose a colour that matches you inside

If you are looking for a patio, you need to take the time to choose the right colour for it. Indeed, your patio will be part of your house and so need to match it. You need to know what you want your outside space to look like, before choosing any colour.

Think about the place of your patio

Let’s imagine that your patio and its floorboards don’t have the same colours. You will probably find it ugly. Therefore, the choice of floorboard colours is very important and will determine the colour of your patio. For example, grey patios are matching with blue or grey floors. However, a red floor can match different patios.

Match your patio to your environment

If you are not choosing black or white, you need to match your patio’s colour with the background. You can change the colours, but you must keep the same colour set as your house.

Unless you are choosing black or white, you need to match your patio’s colour with your environment one. Even if you are not choosing the same colours, you must match the tone.

For example, if there is a lot of greenery, you must choose a light colour. This way the greenery will be highlighted. Also, you can choose a darker colour, to highlight the flowers’ colours. The luckiest ones, that have a fully black or white house can pick any colour they want.

Match your house and your patio

When we are looking for a patio, we are not thinking about decoration. Indeed, a patio is outside, but it needs to match your house style and decoration. Your house is a whole and you need to make everything harmonious. If your patio is located nearby your house, you must pick a colour matching your floor. Also, you must take into account your windows and doors colours. Think about matching the colours of your foundation plaster with the colours of your patio !

Why not contrasting colours ?

For your patio’s colour, you can pick either a matching colour or a contrasting colour. The majority of people tend to pick a matching colour. However, a slight contrast between your patio’s colour and your floor’s colour can be great and add style to your house. For example, if you have a white house, you can choose to have a totally black patio. This will contrast and add something to your house. Setting up your outside space with an aluminium patio is a great idea. This will allow you to enjoy your living space. These types of patios are waterproof and way more convenient than PVC ones. The size of your patio will depend on the space available, it must be not too short and not too big.


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