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How to install curtains?

Curtains are a real decorative object and are usually the last stylish touch in the home.

They can be used solely as decoration, but can also have a technical purpose. The more or less opaque curtain lets the outside light in while protecting one’s privacy. An opaque curtain also protects privacy and does not let any light through. In addition, it does not allow you to see outside. So how do you hang curtains according to the type of curtain?

The different types of hangings

The installation of curtains is a delicate step in the decoration of a room. Once the type of fixing has been chosen, knowing that each type has its own positive and negative points, it is time to install the curtains.

Installing a curtain rod

Curtain rods are generally cheap and easy to install. There are even self-adhesive versions of curtain rods. There are several fixing systems. If you decide to install a curtain rod, it goes without saying that you will probably have to drill holes in your wall or ceiling. Indeed, if your curtains are rather heavy, it will be necessary to make holes to ensure that the rod is held securely on its supports. Once the brackets are in place, simply thread or hang the curtains by its hooks: eyelet or with hooks.

In addition to their functional aspect, the rods can also be decorative, just like the curtains. Rods in various materials are sold on the market. You can find bars made of copper, brass, smooth wood or even carved wood. Once you have chosen the rod, choose the end caps. Here too, there are many possibilities to dress up the window.

The rail

Popular in offices in particular, the track rod is made up of small hooks, placed on a rolling system. This means that once the curtains are hung on hooks, they can easily be moved to adapt to the desired brightness. Hooks are often made of plastic or metal.

Hanging with eyelets

Grommets are accessories that are placed above the curtain. They can be sold directly with the curtains or can also be sold separately. They are mainly used to support the curtains. The grommet is certainly the most practical attachment available. The rod is simply passed directly through the holes. The only thing you need to know is that you must not make any mistakes in the size of the rod. Make sure that the rod can fit through the eyelets.

Installing curtains the right way

The size of the window

One criterion to consider when choosing the rod is the width of the window. It is sufficient to add 15 to 20 cm on each side of the window. The curtains must not let the daylight in when folded.

Living room height

A good length of curtains is defined simply by adding 25 cm below the edge of the window. You can measure the height from the rod to determine the correct length of your curtain. Please note that if you need to hem the curtains, you will need to allow 10 cm for the best result.

Now that your curtains are in place, tackle your floor!

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